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Business Sector PV

Photovoltaic systems are a clean, reliable and efficient source of energy for your business
needs. Photovoltaic (PV) energy is converted directly from the sun’s rays, and so is an
excellent choice for providing carbon-free electricity.

PV solar systems utilise a roof or wall mounted solar array constructed from interconnected
solar panels. Solar cells within these individual panels absorb energy from sunlight and
transform it into an electrical current which can be used to power your business premises.

PV for business is an increasingly attractive option as the government introduces new
schemes intended to incentivise the business sector into adopting cleaner energy sources
and to reduce their carbon footprint. Renewable and clean energy sources such as that
provided by photovoltaic systems enable a business to reduce its emissions, as well as
its overheads.

Solar Solutions are experts in photovoltaic installation and can provide PV solutions that
are tailored to your business’s specific needs. We have a great deal of experience in
providing PV for business and have worked with local councils, cutting-edge businesses
and housing associations to ensure that photovoltaic systems function as efficiently as
possible for our customers.

Please browse our website at your leisure to find out more about how you can benefit
from the usage of photovoltaic energy, and how we can provide you with a cost effective
photovoltaic installation.