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Solar PV Systems

Solar panels are an ideal way to provide for the energy needs of your home or business.
As a cost effective and resource efficient way of reducing your utility costs and global CO2
emissions, PV systems are not merely a promising blue sky energy source of the future,
but they are also a practical and affordable solution for today.

Solar panel systems consist of a large number of photovoltaic cells which harness light
energy from the sun and turn it into electricity which can be used to power your home or
business premises. Excess energy that you produce can also be sold to the national grid.

PV solar panels need only to be installed in an unshaded location to start producing
energy. Panels mounted on southward facing roofs are ideal, and it is even possible to
replace your existing roof tiles with weather-proof solar panels. Solar Solutions can help
you pick the ideal location for your PV system, and will ensure that your installation is
energy efficient and cost effective.

Solar PV systems require little or no maintenance and can be constructed to any
specification. The power generating cluster of solar modules is known as a solar array,
and each one of these is made up of many PV cells. What this means is that the size
and aesthetics of solar panel systems can be tailored to your individual power generation

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