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What is Solar Photovoltaic?

Solar tiles are an efficient and clean method of power generation utilising wholly renewable
energy. They work by a photovoltaic process, meaning that they derive their energy from
the sun. For this reason, solar panels are often known as solar photovoltaic systems, or
simply solar PV systems.

Because photovoltaic systems absorb light energy from the sun and convert it into
useable electricity, they do not emit any greenhouse gases or any other waste products.
Furthermore, unlike traditional power stations and other means, they do not burn any
fuel and require no energy input other than natural sunlight. These two factors combine
to make Solar PV systems a perfect green solution for the 21st Century.

Once up and running, PV systems do not require any regular maintenance, as they
contain no moving parts. They also have long life spans, with most newly fitted systems
expected to last up to half a century. What this means is that after an initial investment in
solar tiles, there are generally no other costs involved in running or up keep.

Over time, solar PV systems pay for themselves. The energy they provide saves you
money on electricity costs from external providers, and any excess produced by the
solar tiles is fed back into the national grid. You earn money from producing this excess,
and government clean energy schemes are in place to give you cash back for all the
electricity you produce.

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